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Apple ipad Repair serviceWe can offer a full repair service on your Apple Ipad. iPads are now used by thousands of people across the country, since there are so many being repaired daily.

Parts for all makes of iPad have been easily obtainable making it easier and more affordable to get your iPad repaired.

Why choose our Apple iPad repair service?

Before we carry out any Apple iPad repair we check to see if your ipad is still under warranty.

You can check to see what warranty you have left by going to the Apple warranty status page.

If your apple ipad is in warranty we suggest going to them before choosing any 3rd party company offering Apple iPad repair as taking your apple product will invalidate any warranty you have with apple.

Apple will offer you a like for like replacement AT COST if your ipad is out of warranty. This means if you have a broken digitizer or LCD they will normal replace the whole unit for a cost prices start from £199.99.

In some cases where your battery has failed, charging issues or loss of signal Apple replace your iPad under there 3yr warranty in the case they would offer a free replacement.

If your ipad’s not covered under warranty or a Apple repair service.

Whether you have smashed the digitizer which is the most common ipad repair we see, or if you have other faults including damaged the LCD We can help.

We can offer the following Apple iPad repair service.

  • Ipad screen replacement digitizer touch part LCD Replacement.
  • Power Issues (no power to the device, not starting up, not charging etc.)
  • Software issues (device frozen or that is stuck in recovery mode, dfu).
  • Wireless, Antenna and connection problems.
  • home button and PARTS replacements.
  • software issues and software updates.
  • power socket replacements and power issues.
  • Mobile Phone and iPad Unlocking Service.

We offer a specialist repair service providing a wide selection of apple iPad repairs.

We also cover water damaged ipads repair.

Not sure on the fault? call today to see if we can diagnose the fault and find out what the problem is.

Worried about being without your iPad whilst it’s being repaired?

Our Apple ipad repair service offer same day service on most repairs but if however we can’t  repair the same day we also offer a loan of an ipad as part of our service so you wont be without an apple Ipad whilst we repair your apple device.

Your Data is Safe? We recognise how vital your personal information is so we have a strict data protection policy. Please ask for more information if you have any concerns about data protection.
Worried about the Cost? We can offer the competitive prices whilst promoting professional and a same day service.

Please call today on 01772 304704 for a free Apple ipad repair quote.

If you looking to buy a new or trade one in We have a huge selection of ipads on sale at.