Custom Built Desktop Computers

Custom Built Desktop Computers – SOS Computing Leyland.

custom built desktopCustom built desktop computers, made to suit your needs.

Our computer shop in Leyland custom builds desktop PC’s for both home users and business users.

Home budget desktops to high end machines that require maximum graphics for the latest programs and games.

Custom Built Desktop Computers for home Users.

Our custom built desktop computers for the home users start from a cost that doesn’t break the bank, Our desktops are built round you.

All computers built are made with expansion in mind if you need something extra at a later date, this can be added to your custom built PC.

The basic custom built desktop computer we have start at around £149.99 new , there built around users needing a computer for some of the basic tasks like surfing the internet , general office tasks , Facebook games downloading music and watching videos.

Pre made mid range custom built desktops for home users.

custom-built-desktop-2Our mid range collection of or custom built desktops prices start from around £199.99 up to £349.99 we pre build the desktops with a good mid range specification and would suit 60% of customers looking for custom built desktop computers.

These custom built desktops come in a range of different cases have a variety of different processors, graphics cards, Ram (Random Access Memory and hard drives) an example of our best selling mid range custom built desktop can be found here, you can order them online through the shop or if you have any questions or need advice in choosing the right computer you can contact us through our contact us page or simply come into our computer shop in Leyland.

Our more advanced custom built computers Start from around £349.99 right up to £1,899 we class these as custom built gaming desktops and mainly build to order as every Gamer from beginner to advance want different types of things built in to there desktops.

Just because they are classed as gaming computer’s does not mean that there not fit for purpose for a home user or business user it means they have the ability to play high end graphics has a lot of storage space for games movies programs and media. and run extremely fast.

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