Desktop Repair

PC Desktop Repair, Clean up, Servicing, and Upgrading

desktop repair leylandDesktop Repair Leyland computer Services.

Desktop Repair Leyland – We give a full service to all desktops, Specialising in laptop repair  Apple Repair and custom built desktops.

Offering a Desktop Repair service at competitive rates for repair on any branded or unbranded Desktop Computer.

We are proud to provide an quick but accurate diagnosis, based on the diagnostic.

We give our customers the best economically and feasible options available.

Our Standard of service and quick turnaround is quicker than most of our competitors, and our Express Service that we have will have you up and running within hours.

We like to give a no pressure and a stress free experience, and we’ll make sure to keep you informed of the progress of your desktop computer repair.

We can help with general repairs cleaning components, software installation and upgrades.

Desktop Repair and Services We Provide in Our Computer Shop In Leyland:

  • Power Supply (P.S.U) Testing and/or Replacement.
  • Motherboard Repair/Testing.
  • Parts Upgrades / Replacement.
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery, Hard Drive Data Transfer, Hard Drive Repair/Replacement.
  • Virus removal, Spyware removal, Trojan removal, Worms/Ad-ware Removal.
  • Windows/Apple/Linux Operating System Repair/Re installation.
  • Memory modules (RAM) Upgrades or Replacements.
  • Desktop Case Replacement/System Migration.
  • Processor (CPU) Upgrades.
  • Cooling and cleaning Enhancement.

Hardware Testing and Diagnostics.

Before we start getting out screwdrivers or start any desktop repair work, we make sure that your desktop computer is thoroughly checked.

Included in this is a complete system hardware check, this is done to make sure the problems are not caused by failing components within the system.

After we have run an initial hardware test, we’ll then start the PC / desktop computer, And go through a number of software tests.

On conclusion of our test if we haven’t contacted you before with the cost of repair at this point we will contact you with the exact cost for the work that needs carried out.

This may include replacement of worn/damaged parts with newer ones, solving software problems or operating system problems.

If we dont think your computer is worth fixing or your chucking money at a lost cause we will tell you advise you on the right action to take and work with you to find best solution within your budget
SOS Computing Leyland, We offer a call out service collection service , and in house service
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