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computer shop leyland online from sos computing Leyland ltd.

Computer Shop Leyland has opened SOS Computing online.Computer-shop-leyand-sos-computing

After the recent success of SOS’s computer shop Leyland repair    We have now been able to offer our goods and services to a wider audience making our computer shop  in Leyland available online.

Laptops and desktops to suit everyone’s needs, Student laptop, home user Desktop, Latest gaming machine, Budget computers, Everything to suit your needs. we are the best computer shop around these parts to offer you this service
Local to the Leyland area? we offer good rates for trade in’s on old/unwanted computers within Our store. Our computer shop offfers the best trade in service for your unwanted computer parts.

 The computer shop that give you the Latest and hottest Deals.

Quality known branded Desktops and Laptops such as Lenovo, Alienware, Dell XPS, Asus and HP Sony Vaio ,We have selected some of the best desktops from the biggest named brands.

All our Branded desktops come with a 18 month warranty for your piece of mind.

Custom Built Desktops to suit you and what you do on your computer, All our custom-built computers are built with expansion in mind this means that in a few years when components may become outdated you don’t have to rush out to buy a new machine, you can simply upgrade the parts that are out dated saving you money down the line.

For our business Support customers we offer competitive rates for bulk buy Desktops and Laptops plus offer a fantastic after service that will keep you up and running if things were to go wrong.

Gaming Desktops is our favorite range, we know gamers like to have things set up in a certain way, their computers have to be perfect for the games they play, so our computer shop at sos computing Leyland like to cater for all you gamers out there, work with you to build the gaming tower that matches exactly what you play or need it for,

The computers we build for gamers are fully upgradable so that newer parts or upgrades that come to market  that can be added in the future can be added with ease.

Our Refurbished section it quite a popular one, some people don’t like buying second-hand laptops, refurbished desktops or refurbished laptops.

We only buy in quality refurbished desktops and laptops, we fully test them, if were happy with them we’ll put them up for sale, we like this section as it changes daily and usually you can find desktops and laptops that have up to 50% off what their true value is.

With all our refurbished computers we offer a 12 month warranty for your price of mind 12 months warranty is  more than what other computer shops have to offer.


Sos’s Computer Shop Leyland  is also one of the best Phone Repair Shops in Leyland.

If you’re looking to repair your computer or looking to got your Macbook repaired desktops or tablets please feel free to visit our other site at
We belive in fair trade and with this we will price match any computer shop in Leyland and surrounding areas or any phone repair companies in Leyland and surrounding areas and beat any quote you have been given by them.
All work carried out is done in-house. we will offer a 12 months warranty on all goods sold within our shop or online.
If you need to contact our computer shop in Leyland our have please head over to our contacts page.