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Virus removal spyware malware and ad-ware removal

Virus removal spyware malware and ad-ware removal

laptop running slow, crashing more often, freezing, pop ups loss of internet connection ?.

virus removalvirus removal can be a painful task and correct the damage that viruses cause can be a bit of a task and may need more than your average Anti-virus to preform a virus removal the best way to completely remove is to format the Hard drive on your laptop then reinstall Windows.

Formatting the drive looses all data on the hard drive, before we attempt to format the hard drive  we backup all of your important data photo’s,movies,doc’s etc we then re install your data back on to the hard drive after we have corrected all the problems once this has been done your laptop should be as fast as it was purchased.

virus removal 2If the virus has damaged the laptops hard drive and you need to replace the hard drive. We can re install all the windows software that came with your machine as long as the original CD key is attached to the bottom of the laptop.

After we have cleared your machine of viruses we will the find the best anti-virus for your laptop, you do not have to purchase we only advise on the different anti-viruses Virus Removal from £29.99

VIRUS REMOVALSOS Computing leyland is about to start classes on how to prevent viruses.

How to know when you’ve got a virus why not ask us about our one to one sessions on how to combat virues and unwanted programs our sessions teaches you how to combat viruses and keep your machine in good working order so you never have to take your computer to a computer shop for virus removal again


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